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Reynet Smith, LMBT / Angel Reiki Master


Just what a person needs. -Kimberly J. 


OMG! I left feeling like Gumby. I had zero pain or strain in my muscles. Tension...gone. Stress and anxiety...gone. General sad feelings...gone. It was almost like leaving a different person than when I came in. The therapist also treats you with respect and dignity and makes sure you feel safe and comfortable before laying even a finger on you. -Britney S. 


She is amazing and I will always recommend her. - Christy M. 


Reynet is an AWESOME massage therapist. I often get tension/migraines which are ultimately relieved by a massage or adjustment. My muscles are tight along my upper back and neck. She listened to my concerns about my neck/migraines. She knew exactly what to do. I haven't had a headache since I had my massage. She is very professional, no waiting and the masssage room is so tranquil. I am definitely going back! Make an appointment, you won't be disappointed. - P.W.  


Experiencing a massage from Reynet is one of the most wonderful things that you can do for yourself, loved one, or just a person in your life. Every time I have a treatment, it is so relaxing and believe me I have such a hard time relaxing. Whether I go to her for sore or tense muscles, Reynet knows just how to take the tension and soreness away. I feel very blessed to have this wonderful woman in my life. Deborah A.


One of my mentors gifted me a massage from Reynet Smith. Three words....PROFESSIONAL! RELAXING! REJUVENATING! - Trenez D. 


I look forward to my sessions with you because after them, I always feel that much better. You go out of you way to make things comfortable. Thank you. - Maureen C.


Outstanding Massage Therapist...enjoy working with you! - Maureen C.  


Just a super experience. In such a short time the work Ms. Smith's done has made a great difference in my everyday life. - Celia W.  


I've had enough massages to know the difference from a bad and a good massage, and the difference between a good and really good massage. That was a really good massage. Thank you. -Susana C.  


Reynet is the best massage therapist that I have had. She is very caring and knows how to get those stubborn muscles to relax without "killing" you. - Deborah K.  


Spinal raindrop therapy was absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much! I know I'll sleep so peaceful tonight. - Melissa R.  


Reynet gave me one of the best massage I have ever had! Very comfortable and Reynet's tuch was amazing. I will definitely be back! - Deborah A.  


So enjoyed my message yesterday! Relaxed, renewed and decreased pain! Thanks so much. - Elizabeth H.


The massage was awsome!  Wish I could afford one every day. Unfortunately I'm not among the rich and famous. Lol - Gloria G.  


Healing Hands is the best massage therapist that I have ever been to! The service is wonderful, along with the atmosphere and she really has healing hands! Since I have been getting the therapy, I have seen amazing results with my body tension! I LOVE HEALING HANDS! Stop by and let the HEALING began!!!!! - Tedra M.  


My mom has been going to Reynet for a couple of months now and really loves the work that she does.  I'm excited that my mom found a great massage therapist. - Megan C.   


It had been a year or 2 since I had gotten a massage. I desperately needed one. My whole body had been sore and tense, my hips bothered me and knots all in my back. I looked and looked at all the spas and places in new bern and something told me to try Reynet, and I did. Hands down, the absolute best massage I have ever experienced and by far the best prices! This woman has it going on! I will continue to come back and have no interest in trying anywhere else! - Sheri K.   


I received a spinal raindrop therapy session today, and it was SO GOOD. It was very relaxing and I feel much better. 5 stars for youu!! Thank you so much for that. :) - Journey H.   


You're the best,because of having Anointed Hands.Will be making an appointment soon. - Ruth G.  


My sisters gave me a massage session for my birthday.  I loved every minute of it and have been back several times since.  Highly recommend you call Reynet for yours asap.  Kathy B.